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Latest News

Climbing the Wall of Redemption

Weekend Trade Bulletin – Corrective Action Required (TMV/TLT)

Posted on July 24, 2020

Yesterday’s TLT/TMV PUT side closure was made in error. The straddle should be reinstated today, in the following fashion – Buy the TMV August 21st 50 PUT for $4.90 and...

TRADE BULLETIN – Massive Winnings Logged; Again! (SLV/GLD, IAU/SLV, IGV/TQQQ, TMV/TLT)

Posted on July 23, 2020

Let’s get straight to it, you buncha sophomoric wisecrackers. The precious metals are on the move.  And that means we’ve got cash to bank. First trade on the docket was...

TRADE BULLETIN: Five That Require Your Attention (APPF,WING,X,KOL,FSLY)

Posted on July 17, 2020

Several trades to report today.  So please take out a well sharpened HB and lick the nib. We’re rolling… First up is our APPF initiative from June 8th, all the...

Why All the Noise About a Virus? And Who Profits From the Collateral Damage?

Posted on July 15, 2020

A few words about the so-called coronavirus – or, as we prefer: the Wuhan Flu. In the first place, it’s a horrible thing to contract – as is every serious...

Latest Trades

A Jew and His Money

Boom-Di-Yadda… The Silence of Option Profits (PG/VDC)

Posted on August 9, 2020

Today’s trade won’t ring any alarms or set off any fires. In fact, today’s trade is rather quiet. We’re looking today at stalwart blue chip and Dow component Procter and...

The Cult Stock as Investing Phenomenon (MED/VDC)

Posted on August 3, 2020

Friends, we’re currently in the midst of a mania that may end up being as grueling and long-lived as it is spastic. And if you’re wondering how to parse that,...

Without Prejudice! And a 4560% Return! (TAL, WPM/GLD)

Posted on July 26, 2020

Sorry to inform those living in China, those of Chinese descent, and those who love all that’s good about one of the world’s oldest cultures – In the run-up to...


Posted on July 20, 2020

War’s been declared and we’ve chosen our weapons. In this environment, where neither a steep rise nor a precipitous drop in the markets can be dismissed, the wisest move for...

A Jew and His Gold

Stewed Prunes! There’s a 1400% Winner on the Table – And Semiconductors are Next (FAS/GS, USD/KLAC)

Posted on August 6, 2020

One trade to close today, another to open. And now down to business. On June 21st we sent you a bank-themed initiative called Congolese Child Warrior Arrested at LaGuardia with...

Reinstate the Holy Qorbanot! (Along with that great PM trade – WPM/GLD)

Posted on July 28, 2020

We’re coming at you early this week because the holy and downcast convocation we know as Tisha B’Av falls on Thursday. Jews and Noahides know this as the saddest day...

Trading on Nothing But Hot Air (APD)

Posted on July 22, 2020

This week’s trade brings us to Allentown, PA – but not for that city’s widely acclaimed ‘Great Fair’. In fact, we’re a bit short on Allentown these days.  For all...

Amazon Shelves Empty! Consumer Pockets Empty! Ship it! Ship Everything! (SAIA)

Posted on July 16, 2020

Fellow Jews!  Loyal Noahides! This week’s installment of A Jew and His Gold is brought to you by Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. Because only Marlon, Jim and Stan would...