Banking an 800% Gain! …and Clearance Sale on OLLI (OLLI, COTY)

Posted on October 12, 2023

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:OLLI) offers cheap goods to customers looking for the same.

And as you can imagine, the company thrives in times like these as people start getting desperate.

We’re going to make a thorough price check of the company in a moment.

But first, we’ve got one to close.


It’s our COTY trade, whose details can be found HERE.

In brief, we’re holding the November 17th 10 synthetic short and a credit of $0.41.


The CALL can be repurchased for $0.62 and the PUT sold for $0.61.

Do it, and you walk with $0.40 NET on just a nickel spent.

And that’s a quaint 800%.

Congrats to our in-house strategist, Alan B. Harvard, who believed in this one and took on a truck-load.

Back To The Show!

We’re moving to straight to the funadamental picture for OLLI, because it’s anything but encouraging.

  • For starters, P/E is 30.91, expected to contract to 24.25 a year from now.
  • Dividend Yield is ZILCH.
  • Price to Book is 3.23, or better than three times the company’s breakup value. Go figger…
  • EPS over the last five years have SHRUNK on average by 3.51% per annum, and…
  • Lastly, insiders parted with 20.42% of their holdings in the last half year.

They’re always the first to exit the game.

Before we turn to the chart, just a word about what we see as an unremarkable company whose stock has been climbing far too energetically, but is now showing signs of fatigue.

It’s like this—OLLI’s natural growth trajectory is being outpaced by its stock by a factor of three.

Have a look here—

But that doesn’t appear to us a realistic probability.

And that’s why we trade.


The situation in Israel, as you know, is tenuous and a multi-front war is very likely pending.  That said, we may face extraordinary pressures getting these letters out to you.  If and when that occurs, be assured we will extend any subscriptions that suffer missed letters.  The integrity of our operation and the value of our customers and their investment in our service is of utmost importance to us.

Please be in contact via the website’s customer service link if any questions arise.

And may our enemies know only the fires of gehinnom!

Many happy returns!

Matt McAbby


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