More Massive Profits and Your Long-Anticipated Gold/Silver Ratio Directive (GLD,SLV,AMD,SMPL)

Posted on March 4, 2020

We’re coming at you early this week because we have to book a trade that’s been long in the works.

Subscribers to our service are already aware of the tremendous opportunity available today from the gold/silver ratio.  On signing up, every man Jack of you got our special report indicating the five key methods of profiting from the ratio – and all the risks that inhere in each.

But before we get there, we have two trades to close for BIG gains.


The first, The Simple Complexity of it All, arrived in your inbox on February 20th and recommended you consider selling the SMPL August 21st 25 CALL for $2.05 and buying the SMPL August 21st 30 CALL for $0.95 (for a credit of $1.10).  And with the proceeds, we suggested you purchase the SMPL August 21st 22.50 PUT for $1.55.  Total debit on the trade was $0.45.

And today?

The 25/30 CALL spread should be closed.  Buy back the former for $1.10 and sell the latter for $0.25.  Then sell off your long 22.50 PUT for $4.10.

Do it NOW, and you walk with $2.80 net on $0.45 spent.  That’s a jim-dandy 622% in a fortnight.

And that’s daisy-fresh loot, brother.

The next trade was our February 12th initiative, from a communiqué entitled Advance of the Malignant Demon.

There, we urged you to sell the AMD June 19th 52.50 CALL for $6.83 and buy the AMD June 19th 57.50 CALL for $4.75 (credit $2.08).  You then deployed those funds to purchase the AMD June 19th 49 PUT for $3.75 and sell the AMD June 19th 42 PUT for $1.53 (debit $2.22).  Net debit on the affair was $0.14.

Today, the 52.50/57.50 short CALL spread can be closed.  Buy back the former for $4.25 and sell the latter for $2.54, and you incur a debit of $1.71.  Then close out your long 49/42  PUT spread (the 49 trades at $7.45 and the 42 at $4.25) for a credit of $3.20.

Net/net, you pull in $1.35 on just $0.14 spent.

And that’s an astounding gain of 964% in just three flippin’ weeks!

That’s right.

So without any further delay, let’s implement your gold/silver ratio trade and start cashing in.


Because the gold/silver ratio this week catapulted to nearly 100, an occurrence not seen since 1991.

Look here –

For those of you in the precious metal camp, there’s no time to waste.  The time has come to swap your gold for silver and await the next extreme ratio reading – whenever it may come.

And for those not yet ready to engage in a full gold/silver swap strategy – as explained in our special report – we offer the next best thing.  A gold/silver ratio LEAPs trade, also as described in the subscribers’ special report.

Anyone desirous of the full package – the complete lowdown on playing the gold/silver ratio – is invited to subscribe by clicking here.

And now for the trade…

We’re gonna cut straight to the chase and lay out the numbers, friends, because this is flat-out the best opportunity of at least the last ten years to trade this puppy.

Right On!

Have a look now at the last

In other words, the set-up couldn’t be more delightful.

Many happy returns,

Matt McAbby


2 responses to “More Massive Profits and Your Long-Anticipated Gold/Silver Ratio Directive (GLD,SLV,AMD,SMPL)”

  1. Joel says:

    Done! Ended up with a $0.19 credit. Paid to sleep in this morning.

    • Matt McAbby says:

      Sleep in every morning, Joel, and let the money flow like a river.
      Gotta believe!

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