MEASURE FOR MEASURE, the Evil Ones Will Earn Their Just Deserts (IAS)

Posted on June 26, 2023

Integral Ad Science (NASDAQ:IAS) makes tools to measure ad efficacy on social media.

They now have big contracts with Facebook and Instagram that assure META advertisers that real people are viewing their ads.

The company announced earnings on May 5th and beat by 100%!

That’s right, they earned two cents when Wall Street was expecting only one.

A Beat’s a Beat!

Last year, same quarter, the company earned a penny.

Revenues, too, came in at 2.83% above expectations.


Alright, alright, let’s settle down and look at the fundamentals—

  • First, P/E is a slack-jawed 163.60, but…
  • Analysts are expecting a retreat to just 69.05 by this time next year.  Again, that amounts to a slice in half in price (and then some), or better than a doubling in earnings.  You get it…?

  • There’s no Yield, and…
  • Price to Book is 3.39.
  • Most interesting perhaps—for you and me—is the insider sales numbers.  In the last six months, those closest to the heart of the company sold 98.25% of their shares.  Need we say more?  In excess of $270 million worth was dumped, of which $267 million was liquidated in just the last six weeks.

Get it?

The machers want out.

Now look at the chart—

And may G-d in Heaven decide what will be.

With kind regards,

Hugh L. O’Haynew


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