TWO Closing For 340% & 480% …and We Turn Used Car Salesman (CPRT, NVS, GE)

Posted on October 16, 2023

If you need, Copart Inc. (NASDAQ:CPRT) will sell your car.  You can also go online to buy a vehicle from one of their auctioneers.

Indeed, today, we’re going the sales route with CPRT, as you’ll shortly see.

But first, we have three to close for some nice scratch.

To kick off, our NVS trade, whose details can be found HERE, sees us with a credit of $1.45 and in possession of 2 short October 20th 100 CALLs.

That we’re now buying back.

They’re on sale for a mere $0.30 each.

Do it and you exit with $0.85 NET on $0.25 originally laid out.

And that’s 340%.

N – E – X – T !

Next is our GE endeavor, whose details can be sourced HERE.

In brief, we have $1.65 in hand and are in possession of the December 15th 110 synthetic short.


We’re closing.

Buy back the CALL for $5.95 and sell the PUT for $5.50 and you walk with $1.20 NET on just $0.25 spent.

And that’s 480%.

Let’s have a look now at Copart.

Fundamentally, the company sports some middling metrics.

  • P/E is 35.74 (which is too high for a market like this),
  • Dividend Yield is NADA (i.e, too low for a market like this),
  • Price to Book is an interstate pile-up 7.32, and…
  • Insiders have sold $133 million of stock in the last six months.

The daily chart looks like this—

Prepare for the Fires of Heaven to descend, good Jews and Noahides.

And may Hashem spare those who are worthy.

With kind regards and a speedy end to the war.

Hugh L. O’Haynew


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