“Hugh’s discussion of trade choices is helpful.  There are always objections and doubters, but Hugh handles them with patience and good cheer.  A lot of it has to do with minimizing risk.  I appreciate that.  That’s what keeps me on board.” Allan May

“Straightforward style with trades based on the same indicators and metrics year in/year out.  Entry and exit points well defined and everything rationally presented.  And yes, it’s pretty funny.” – Debbie Hirschberg

“Done! Bought both news letters for the year. Best value ever!  So glad to have you back in my Inbox!” – Joel Erickson

“I read as much for the social commentary as for the financial advice.  Keep it up, Huey!” – Andy Fey

“Who would have thought a discussion of police overreach and its relation to financial markets to take place.  It did.  And it does.  Very interesting.” – Ron Veldt

“I find the trade ideas well thought out and clearly presented.  AJAHM is not just for mavens.  It works for me, too, especially his explanation of fundamental and technical reasons for opening trades.” – Randall Jacobs

“I especially like the post-trade discussion at A Jew And His Money.  There are a lot of smart people with good insight into what works.” – Gerald C.

“Start small and build yourself a bundle.  That’s what I did.  Hugh will guide you to where you can begin trading more serious funds.  Well worth the price.” – A.M. Donohue

“Matt breaks down the debate between gold, silver, Bitcoin and cash into perfectly accessible parts.  I for one appreciate the clarity on offer…” – Anonymous

“This is not a time for buy and hold.  And if that’s who you are, then this is definitely not the newsletter for you.  Hugh and Matt are not perma-bears either.  There are plenty of those around.  In my opinion, A Jew And His Money is more for the nimble trader, those who aren’t married to any particular take on the market.  For those who just want to make money.  If profitable trades are available, why not move in both directions to catch them?” – Carol Hayes, Benson, Hayes and Associates

“Hugh and his partner Matt McAbby have a great handle on how geopolitics affect markets.  Any war or potential war, terror threat, diplomatic showdown, trade crisis, elections – you name it, it’s all baked into the latest pick.” – Dave Rickards

“Redemption, America, Israel, Jews and their enemies… Incredible.  Funny.  And great money using the trades.” – Isaac Ashlag

“The technique of riding the intermediate trend of a stock with a leveraged instrument like an option – for a short time – makes great sense.  You get the full value of the move with less risk over a short time horizon.  It doesn’t get any better.” – Rick Hooden

“I’m a recent subscriber, but I’ve followed Hugh for years.  I enjoy his wit and his graphics.  Great trades.  And funny.” – Amjad Jitt

“Hugh is accessible and responsive.  The guy gives the impression he really wants to help.  And he has a great teacher’s love of the trade.” – A. Asazuki

“Knowledgeable and opportunistic.  Very happy with the service.” – Clive Welles

“I like that AJAHM is not afraid to venture into the junk bond and Canadian warrant market.  Nice to see some Closed End Fund trading, too.” – Don Kapchuk

“I didn’t understand the Jewish bit.” – Anthony P.

“Everyone tells me I should be concerned about a bear market now because of interest rates and terrorism, or war with Russia or China.  Hugh sweeps aside the nonsense and gets to what really matters.  That usually calms me down.” – Joe Muss

“I get 100 trades a year and a tremendous lot more to think about.” – Robert Templeton Jr.

“A Jew And His Money lets me know whether Trump’s policies and personnel are market positive or not, and whether the trade war with China and economic concerns in Italy are something truly to fret over.  Hugh and Matt have a knack for tuning out the noise.” – Ellie Bamberger

“As a broker for seventeen years, I often use Hugh and Matt’s service to find trade ideas for clients.  Great insights and a broad perspective.” – Ian Bultur

“You won’t find anyone else doing this sh*t.  These guys are quick and enjoy turning a buck.” – Cody Rylland

“I trade maybe one out of every four or five of Hugh’s recs.  Don’t always like the structure.  But the ones I do play have netted me a nice return.  Good visuals, too.” – C. Defalaise

“I’m very grateful for your frank, concerned discussion of matters of Jewish concern, both regarding Israel and America.  Thank you.” – Michael Silver

“Comments section is addictive.  Best feature on the site.” – Selim Anwar

“Trades are honest outcomes of all the day’s unique inputs, fundamental, technical, sentiment, etc.  Very unique…” – A.J. Coleman

“Great writing.  It’s my can’t-wait read twice a week.” – Dan Rideout

“What do I like about A Jew And His Money?  The creativity involved in the trades.  Pairing stocks from the same sector, or different sectors against one another shocked me at first.  Now I better understand the long/short technique.  I also appreciate the discussion taking place among subscribers.  It’s a real window into Matt and Hugh’s love for the world of trading and their creative instincts.  I regularly present trades to clients and generate great sales from them.  Highly recommended.” – Jaymie Cutler

“Commentary on the broader world is just as interesting and valuable as the stock picks.  Lots of pictorials and graphs.  Very clearly presented.” – Art Van Linden

“Enjoyed your take on Trump’s fiscal stimulus and the effect it should have on equity markets.  Sure hope it happens.” – Sol Cooperman

“No stiff suits at A Jew and His Money.  I’m amazed they let you guys do this.  Keep it coming.” – Doug Hajdu

“Everything is tracked and transparent.  They explain everything and genuinely want to help. You’ll hear about farming, gun ownership, Kabbalah and the ‘meaning of Trump’ along with some calendar spread using sector ETFs – and the whole thing meshes together seamlessly!” – Avram Scheinfeld


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