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We won’t quibble…

You know as well as anyone that Gold is money.  It’s the best money, the most widely recognized and enduring money, understood globally as the money of last resort.

Its value is based on nothing but its weight and purity.

And that’s why we lock it up in safes.

That’s why we give it to our loved ones, risk our lives and sweat like thieves digging into the core of the earth to extract it.

That said, there’s no gainsaying that the price of gold fluctuates.

Like all commodities, there’s a buying cycle.

There are surpluses and shortages.

There’s speculation and war and economic crises – all of which push the price of gold to and fro like a bullied nerd at a robot roller rink.

We’re A Jew and His Gold, the English-speaking world’s foremost newsletter on the precious metals and commodities.

If you have no interest in things precious or golden, please don’t stand on your order to leave.

But if you manage your own investments, and possess the confidence and pluck to turn to niche publications for reliable information and sterling trade ideas, then, my friend, you’ve stumbled upon a gold mine.

So to speak.


At A Jew and His Gold we trade options.

Once a week we send you a single, clearly delineated trade idea based on anything from Franco Nevada to Rio Tinto, from DBC to SLV, from oil and gas to the pipeline and shipping companies that transport them.

We play the gold/silver ratio, the junior miners, the odd Vancouver penny stock (though we prefer to avoid that mishigas), and we keep a sharp eye on the Canadian tradeable warrant and convertible debenture markets.

We’re thorough.

We’re connected.

And we’re not married to any trade longer than it takes to deliver a sizable winning.

That means:

  • Our posture is open,
  • We’re long or short as the market dictates, and 
  • We trade with profits as the goal. 

Though we know that may disappoint some.

At A Jew and His Gold, you won’t hear about secret cabals or banking cartels that manipulate precious metals’ prices.

Nor about the Fed’s role in denying gold buyers their due.

You won’t hear about the Illuminati, sasquatch sightings or crop circles.

Nor about the inevitable ‘pop’ to $6000 that will bankrupt the shorts for good.

Because it’s not our way to blame others for our investment shortcomings.

What you will get instead…

Every Thursday, in your inbox –

  1. the intermediate term direction of a single security, and
  2. a risk-minimized trade to exploit it.

We’ll follow up again at least once during the following week to keep you apprised of all developments that concern the trade – and any new opportunities or potential hazards as they appear on our radar.

Stay Close, Brother!

At A Jew and His Gold, we stay with you, week-in-week-out, monitoring every trade on the roster until it’s closed or expires, and we keep you up-to-date regarding what’s upcoming on the docket.

[Check our Track Record HERE.]

On any given day, we’re evaluating between 15 and 20 commodity-based initiatives, and we send you only the best each week, pre-selected to align with our macro commodity outlook and that particular security’s immediate price trajectory – and, again, all of it structured with an overwhelmingly favorable risk/reward ratio.

Glad you asked.

Risk- and cash-management are the bedrock of any successful investing regimen – and that’s particularly so with options trading.  Over the long haul, you simply can’t win unless your initiatives are properly hedged.

That’s why every idea we offer is thoroughly grounded in the doctrine that trades must be structured –

  • To avoid catastrophic loss
  • To be closed immediately upon a pre-set stop being triggered, and
  • With a clear profit/loss profile known in advance.

Risk management.

There, we said it again.


At A Jew and His Gold, we keep you in the know.  You have enough surprises in your life – you don’t need them affecting your finances.  And we ensure that doesn’t happen.

Not Your Pappy’s Gold Newsletter

At A Jew and His Gold, we’re beholden to no one.  Whereas the bulk of today’s online advisories are in the pocket of advertisers and click rates – meaning you’re the product being bought and sold – at A Jew and His Gold the product is trade ideas, pure and simple.

Here, you get objectivity and a willingness to take a contrarian stance.

Because like you, we’re not afraid to position ourselves against the crowd.


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At A Jew and His Gold, your overall financial well-being is our goal, and we’re of a mind that commodities and precious metals form an integral part of that health.  That’s why you’ll often get pointers from us on bullion coins, U.K. Sovereign purchases, and even the odd bit of advice regarding jewelry.

Because like you, we know that gold is the genuine store of value – a means of holding wealth that’s without peer.

Unlike Bitcoin…

We’ll have more to say about Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies along the way, as you’ll see.  We’re not afraid to take on the prevailing orthodoxy.

We’ll also comment when necessary on disaster prep – indeed any eventuality or circumstance that might affect either your wealth or your ability to safeguard it.

Kinda like the Financial Boy Scouts.

That means you’ll be advised to purchase a firearm (legally) if the time has come to do so, stock up on tuna, rice and buckwheat should that become necessary (what!? no quinoa?!), and to have a sizable quantity of petrol on hand when supplies are about to become short and expensive.

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A Jew and His Gold is the stomping ground of Matt McAbby, the selfsame bloke who brought you outsized returns at Seeking Alpha, Oakshire Financial, Oxbury Publishing and Normandy Research.

A veteran trader of the Baltimore mansion clique, Matt’s nearly thirty years of options trading experience butters the bread week-in, week-out for subscribers to A Jew and His Gold.

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