Genocide From the Right Side of the Brain

Posted on June 18, 2019

Time to look at things from a little different perspective…

The debate over whether Western civilization has come to an end is a bit misplaced in our view.  For it’s not the civilization per se that’s in danger today.  That is, not everyone who lives in the West is shortly going to be jackhammered out of existence.


Rather, it’s Western culture in all its manifestations and underpinnings that’s about to be buried.

The proximate causes for the demise of Western culture are many, including a relentless and largely successful war on the institution of the family.  It’s a war, by the way, that’s brought us, among other things –

  • Autosexuality – a phenomenon involving people who fall in love with themselves and who are intensely and erotically moved by their own physical person. See here if you don’t believe it.
  • Separation incentives – an increasing trend toward married couples living apart in order to maximize their earning power.
  • Gender obsolescence – the belief that jettisoning one’s sex is progressive, and increasing calls for governments to legislate to that end.
  • Eros uber alles – the desire to shed all tensions involved in long-term, stable, man-woman relationships in favor of the purely carnal.  And if that means purchasing a robot, why not.  It’s cheaper, too.

But it’s not proximate causes that we’re after today.  The root cause of the destruction of Western culture is the falsity of that culture itself, based as it is on Greco-Roman and Xian understandings of man and the physical and spiritual world he inhabits – both of which also militate against the family and the values that uphold it.

Root Causes

Without trying to pick a fight, let’s just put it this way – Western culture is bankrupt in nearly every way.  It’s based entirely on the notion that notoriety, whether by wealth, fame, honor, pleasure, status or just wearing the right jeans, is what’s to be valued.  Humility, restraint, modesty and anonymity are the enemy.  And there’s no place whatever for that lowly trait of holiness, to be sure.

And for that reason the West must be laid low – and very likely within the next couple of decades – if our read of developments and the speed at which they’re accelerating holds true.

Because Creation has a meaning, friends, and we were brought into being for a purpose.

And Western culture runs counter to that meaning and purpose.

So, yes, there will be wars, as well as internal, moral and physical rot.  All of which will fuse to create a toxic admixture that will result in the death of a great many.

But it will also eradicate the complex of lies that generated the whole brew to begin with.

And for that reason we hold out hope.

The Truth can only be ignored for so long.

And woe to him that tries to flee from it.

Eschatologically yours,

Alan B. Harvard


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