Phantasmagoria #32b – The Wuhan Bat Flu. Story of a Virus Gone Viral

Posted on August 14, 2020

Ooooh!  Terror  Horror !

Spook Fright!

Ghost Murder!


The cat’s out of the bag, friends…

Now let the backpedaling begin!

Tell me, is anybody embarrassed about any of this?

Is anyone going beat his breast and offer a heartfelt mea culpa?

Is there any integrity amongst our so-called leadership?

One filthy lie after another.

And no end in sight.

“Wear a mask.  For everyone’s sake…”

Is there anyone out there who can keep a straight face over all this blather and nonsense?

And will the decision makers be let off the hook?

Is this not the single most ridiculous thing that’s ever happened?!

An entire planet hoodwinked!?

Hysteria institutionalized!?

Groupthink writ large!?

It’s hard to fathom a greater mind attack than this …


We’ve got two points to make –

The first is that we’re happy folks are catching on to what’s, in reality, a complete non-event – or… forgive us for being so dismissive; rather, a dangerous bout of influenza that kills no more than any other seasonal flu and whose victims are, on average, roughly 82 years of age – that is, who are at the upper edge of the western world’s range of life expectancy.

That’s All, Folks!

What we have here is the story of a virus gone viral.  The first ever epidemic of the social media age.

And that’s appropriate, no?  After all, in this age of social distancing – created by those same social networks – we should, by rights, be offered a ‘viral’ outbreak that ADDS to the social distance already spawned by the Facebooks and Twitters and Snapchats of this world.

And to whose benefit do you think that additional ‘distancing’ might accrue?

Just to clarify a few things –

Those countries that are party to the World Health Organization protocol are obligated to follow WHO guidelines regarding the Wuhan bat flu and any other disease that strikes our fair planet.

And in this case, it means anyone who dies in a hospital of a heart attack, bullet wound, blunt force trauma or a scabies infection and also tests positive for the “novel coronavirus”  must be reported locally and with the WHO for statistical purposes as having died of Covid-19.

And what say you to that, good Jews and Noahides?

Do you think it’s

  1. Strange?
  2. Absurd?

Or Outright Perfidious…?

Again, what we’re dealing with, in our view, is the most egregious deception imaginable.

An utter fraud.

The numbers, when not misleading (“5000 More Cases of Covid 19 in Humpadinka County!”), are outright falsehoods.

Not only are those who test positive for the virus NOT SICK, but those who died of the virus, for the most part, DIDN’T DIE OF IT!

It’s all shenanigans and a racket.

And that’s our first point.

The second point is this.

That the battle lines being drawn post-Wuhan are not pro-cop/anti-cop or pro-Trump/anti-Trump.  Nor are they white supremacists vs. Black Lives Matter.

And they’re certainly not Constitutionalists vs. the ‘Woke’ justice and New World Order adherents.

For while all those divisions do exist, and a great many have already pledged their respective allegiances, they also miss the essence of our age – and are therefore a mere distraction.

For the single fault-line across which all individuals and nations will eventually mobilize as we proceed toward the Final Redemption – and as the Prophets of Israel have described in full detail in the holy Tanach – is that which separates those who love Hashem, the G-d of Israel, and His holy Torah, and those who hate the one, holy and true Source of Life.

And we already know how it ends.

The only question that remains is how to position yourself with respect to that rift.

For as the world awakens to the end of the nation-state regime and begins to embrace again the notion of kingship, there will emerge two, opposing monarchs from which to choose.

  • The first, entirely of this world, who seeks to uproot the civilization that constrains him and to eliminate its past.  [And that means, by the way, eradicating the Jews, the select of the Al-mighty G-d, and the laws they were given to uplift and make holy a world entirely too savage.]
  • And the second, he of Malchut Shamayim.

And it won’t matter whether you see those lines or believe in them, or whether you choose to draw them in some other manner.

Your failure to apprehend the deeper currents in play will eventually force you into fighting a rear-guard battle.

Or worse – end up swallowing you whole on the sidelines, amidst a secondary skirmish from which none survive – and only the crow is undertaker.

So your task is simple.


To follow the ebb and flow of the battle and to position yourself accordingly – alongside the faithful of Israel and their loyal Noahide elect.

For days are coming…

Eschatologically yours,

Alan B. Harvard


5 responses to “Phantasmagoria #32b – The Wuhan Bat Flu. Story of a Virus Gone Viral”

  1. Gary says:

    Amen brother

  2. C says:

    I couldn’t agree more

  3. Brad says:

    Good afternoon!! I am holding some APD and TAL positions which expire August 21st I suppose we will be getting a dispatch on that soon? Or maybe waiting until expiration day?

    The election is soon I hope your crew can come up with some black swan trades of some sort. I just have this feeling of chaos upon us especially if commie Joe and Kamelface win the election. I am mesmerized that the market has risen and risen which in my view is due mainly to Fed Reserve/Treasury and nothing to do with fundamentals. I would love to hear your thoughts on this if you have the time. My intuition has been dead wrong because the chaos has not resulted in market declines. Lastly I keep seeing companies just raise money from the market, spend it, and never make a dime! And it just keeps going! Have a great week!

  4. Alan B. Harvard says:

    Hey Brad,
    Always good to hear from you.
    Yes, indeed, APD and TAL are foremost on the radar (along with a couple of others expiring this week).
    The TAL trade already looks nicely profitable, but with S&P futures up this morning (slightly), we’re going to look at holding one more day.
    As of last night’s close, however, it looks like you’re holding a profit of roughly $4.00. Take it if you’re ready!
    APD will have to wait. Slightly less liquid.
    We’ll send you an update before Friday’s expiry, the good Lord willing.
    As for the general insanity in markets, there are a number of factors behind it, but we agree with your diagnosis, and we’ll both be right soon enough.
    It’s said that the market “climbs a wall of worry”, and we have plenty of that these days.
    As soon as we get GOOD news — any good news — regarding the bat flu, or a Trumpian shift in the polls, or the end of the shutdowns, or something else (Biden’s been dead for months; what you see is just a hologram) , be prepared for a decline.
    More on that to come…
    Take care, Bradley!
    And keep up the good fight!

  5. Brad says:

    You too! The more ideas which limit the margin requirements the better! Some of these are hard to put on with the margin I suppose I could add a leg to limit the margin requirement I just don’t normally see that in the trade ideas. Have a great weekend!

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