Posted on January 4, 2021

A Jew and His Money – Options Trading Ideas for Independent Investors

You’re a professional, so we won’t waste your time.

The bottom line is ideas.

You know it, and we do, too.

You need fresh, money making ideas for yourself and your clients, and you need them regularly.

Unfortunately, you can’t always get them from your firm’s research department – and Barron’s and the Wall Street Journal … well, they’re frankly yesterday’s news.

So where do you turn?

It’s Dangerous Out There, Friends

Let’s face it –

  • Between Lockdowns and Super-spreaders,
  • Robinhood and Reddit,
  • Vaccines and Green Passports,
  • Border Crashers and Domestic Terrorists,
  • Iran and China and Russia and Venezuela and who knows who the heck else, and
  • A market that’s clearly in the nosebleed realm…

This is not business as usual.

Not investing de rigueur.

And certainly not buy and hold.

The market is gyrating, friends.  We’re in the midst of an historic blow-off top in equities (and yes, it is still a bull market as far as we’re concerned) that’s about to swing and shimmy and rattle the walls in a manner unprecedented and nauseating.

And you will simply not be able to stay on board if you adhere to outworn dogmas.

The old road is rapidly fading.

You need an alternative.

And, thankfully, we’ve got it.

We’re A Jew and His Money, and we offer you a means of not just coping, but profiting from the hurricane bedlam that’s about to make landfall.

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At our service, the aim is simple:

  • To put you on the right side of the market, whether long or short,
  • To offer you clearly defined, weekly trades with explanations that make sense,
  • To provide you with an explicit understanding of indicators that actually work and have true predictive ability,
  • To generate entry and exit signals in real time,
  • And to have it all conform with the craziest investment climate that ever was…

Every Monday morning you get one, clearly defined trade idea to start your week.

Subsequent to that, you receive bulletins and analysis in your inbox through Friday’s close, including charts and explanations to steer you toward a rosier financial station.

You get special reports and a community of like-minded, independent intelligent investors to huddle with.  You’ll get rib-splitting humor and a no-nonsense breakdown of today’s geopolitical reality.

What You Will Not Get

You’ll get no bureaucratic management and no dictatorial advertisers with their SEO best practice, clickbait/netfishy nonsense between you and the trade ideas we’re proffering.

Just the straight goods.


And today, you get it for free.

But only for a limited time.

We’re Hugh L. O’Haynew and Matt McAbby, veteran traders of the Baltimore mansion clique, whose unique background, broad network and penetrating analytical acumen brought you outsized returns at Oakshire Financial, Oxbury Publishing, Normandy Research and The Modern Bull.

And with the launch of our new service, we’re offering independent investment professionals like yourself a free month at A Jew and His Money without any obligation to purchase anything.

Don’t take out your credit card.

Don’t agree to anything.

Just give us a look, and decide for yourself.

Not Cocksure, Just Profoundly Confident

In fact, we’re so convinced you’ll be tickled by both the solidity of the investment package we’re offering and the uproariously funny and entertaining quality of the product, that we’re sticking our necks out to ask you a favor.

A Favor?  But we hardly know you!

That’s right.  We’re doubling down and requesting that after reading us for just a month you offer us a testimonial!

It could be a few words, a few sentences or something lengthier – whatever works.  At the same time, we appreciate that you’re busy, and we respect that, so if you can’t, or you’re unwilling, that’s perfectly fine – take the free month in any event.  No charge.  It’s on us.  We’d be happy just to have you sign up and keep in touch.

Give me my free month!

If you can send a Tweet to vouch for the stock picks, the options winnings and the punch-buggy humor – great.

Any mention of the charts and visuals is also appreciated.

And, of course, if you can make a straightforward recommendation for others to sign on, we’d love it.

You’ll find us on TWITTER at @HughLOHaynew.

[If you prefer not to Tweet, no problem.  Just sign on for your free month and send us a testimonial via the site.]

Upon receipt of your copious outpouring of praise, we’ll immediately UPS you a man-sized Romanian 3-Pack Pastrami on rye, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the Duchess Bakery on 43rd closed in the late 60’s!

There’s no need for a credit card.  Because there’s no obligation whatsoever.

Just click here to proceed directly to the site – and start profiting immediately!

It’s yours for free.

With kind regards and the promise of many happy returns,

Hugh L. O’Haynew

Please click now to activate your complimentary subscription:

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Upon signing, we urge you to have a look at our strategy white paper: A Jew and His Money – Our Full Trade System: Strategic and Tactical Considerations.

There, you’ll find a detailed description of what we believe constitutes the single most elegant means of playing this wildest of all rides – via the intermediate trend.

It doesn’t bother us to show our readers exactly what we’re planning or how we operate, nor are we covetous about what we’ve learned in a combined sixty years of watching markets.

Moreover, we believe that educating our subscribers is the best means of maintaining their loyalty – and ensuring their success.

It’s the principles and practices that you’ll learn at A Jew and His Money that will keep you reading – and put you consistently on the winning side of the trade.


If you share our commitment to intelligent decision making, and our outright loathing of slavish adherence to robotic investing programs, click now to visit the site.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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